For numerous weeks we students and mentors have labored in our studios to make interesting art. We shared with each other the story of our own unique journeys. And through this process we began a new and spectacular journey together. Now we want to share the story of our adventure with you. Intrigued onlookers... please step into the gallery.

Lost Art Found

Lost Art Found

Please join us for our gallery exhibition

  • May 9, 2017
  • 6:30 to 8:30 pm
  • At The Youth for Christ Building
    203 Cooper Ave N
    Saint Cloud, MN - get directions

Hear the music. See the art. Enjoy refreshments.




Past Shows

3 Story Exchange show
3 Story Exchange
Fall 2006
Portable Vision Show
Portable Vision
Spring 2007
Surface And Depth Show
Surface And Depth
Fall 2007
Convergence Show
Polarity Show
Fall 2008
Visual Noise Show
Visual Noise
Spring 2009
Art Is Show
Art Is
Fall 2009
Sow For Now Show
Sow For Now
Spring 2010
Heavenly Circuit Show
Heavenly Circuit
Fall 2010
Show Of Hands Show
A Show Of Hands
Spring 2011
Investigating Balderdash Show
Investigating Balderdash
Fall 2011
Way To Connect Show
The Way To Connect
Spring 2012
Found Show
Fall 2013
Salt In The Soup Show
Salt In The Soup
Spring 2013
Free Feathers Show
Free Feathers
Fall 2013
Where Is The Real? Show
Where Is The Real?
Spring 2014
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