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2016 Fall Session Details

  • dates: starts - February 21
  • time: every Tuesday from 6 - 9 pm until the gallery show opens
  • place: upstairs @ The Youth for Christ Building
  • gallery exhibition: May 9

Who can be a Portable Vision and Audio mentor?
An adult (21 or over) who...

  • has a heart for God
  • enjoys and is serious about making quality artwork
  • has compassion for young people and is interested in their spiritual development
  • is comfortable with risk and commitment
  • can commit to 4 hours per week for 3 months
  • has completed the application process and been approved by CMYFC

What will be required of me if I commit to a Portable Vision and Audio session?

Clear Communication  If you are experiencing difficulty and are unable to keep a commitment tell someone about it.

Be Present  Regular attendance is a must. Portable Vision and Audio is a shared studio experience. You have to be here to experience it.

  • listen when others are talking
  • contribute your own ideas to the group discussion
  • make art (visual and musical) while you are here

Finish Well  Use all the the time you have in studio to make a nice work of art.

  • invest your time in making a quality presentation for the gallery exhibition

  • 2 dimensional work should be framed. 3 dimensional work should be displayed on a sculpture stand or in some other way that treats it well. The minimum cost for this is $25 which will be covered by your presentation fee. You will have the option of choosing a frame that could cost more. All presentation expenses must be paid prior to making your frame.







Best way to contact you

Portable Vision

Preferred Medium
(art materials)

Portable Audio

Preferred instrument
(or voice)

Why do you want to participate in the Portable Vision and Audio program?

If you have a digital sample of
your art please share it with us.

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